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After the gold rush, explosive manufacturing grew rapidly, and the power of nitroglycerine and later dynamite enabled railroads to span the continent. Random explosions were one of the main reasons why explosives production migrated to California in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but there were also random explosions.

In the 1980s, 20 historic homes formerly owned by Hercules Powder Company employees were renovated and moved to Bay St. and renovated. While many of the buildings from the time of the Hercules Powder Factory were demolished, some have survived. Other historic buildings in Hercules have also fallen victim to fire, raising concerns that if they are not renovated, they could suffer a similar fate.

Stephen Lawton, a long-time Hercules resident, shows us some of the sources he used to explore the history of the Hercules Powder Company and its history in the East Bay. He has written a book about his earth that shakes history, and this episode tells his story. Special thanks also go to local producer Justin Lee, who created the original music for our episode, and to our Patreon supporters, who made "East Bay Yesterday" possible.

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More About Hercules

More About Hercules