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Olia Hercules is the name of the daughter of the Greek king Hercules and the wife of the god and king Zeus.

For this mental - puffing - meal, the cook gave me a glass of his fermented Mirepoix vegetables and it was this glass that inspired me to ferment it. You can see signs of fermentation and small bubbles form, especially if you stir the glass carefully. When the bubbles appear, start to taste the carrots and keep them in the fridge until they appear. If you are satisfied with the acidity and consistency of the cucumber (in winter it can take weeks to be happy), place it in a container where it will keep for about three months.

If you want to speed up the process, you can add a little sauerkraut salts at the end of the fermentation. If there does not seem to be enough brine to cover the flesh, simply pour in small 2 "brine and put it in a pot.

Put salt and 500 ml of water in a saucepan, add 2% of the total weight of the salt until it dissolves and then cool to room temperature. If you like other flavors, you can add sugar if you use it, stir to combine, and then refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Pour the warm brine over the carrots so that they completely submerge and do not stick, then pour into sterilized glasses and seal with a lid. Check from time to time, however, and if you are not particularly explosive with your cucumbers, you do not need to perform a strict burping or opening of the glasses. Peel the chillies, remove the stems and seeds and place in a bowl that you can remove from the pan. ve already weighed, packed into the sterilization jars, sealed and heated in the oven or grill. Cook until the skin becomes blackened and blistered and chop the flesh into a pulp.

There are a number of peels and spirals that will help you get the job done much faster, but I am totally against it.

If you use organic carrots or parsnips, don't even bother peeling them, just scrub them clean and cut them in half and then cut shards on the diagonal with a match or matches to make things faster. If you cut carrots by hand, cut out a small cheek from each so that they stand solidly on a board. Otherwise peel and halve the beetroot (if you have medium beetroot, forget eight wedges). A sloppy end result makes the grating of the rough side of the grater much more difficult than the smooth side.

If you happen to catch a piece of cauliflower or beetroot, it should be sour and easy to bite. When the leaves are thinly sliced, it does not take long for them to ferment, and fermenting the cauliflower leaves with the beetroot leaves makes a wonderful fresh pickle. Cut the thick leaves of the cauliflower as thin as possible on the stems and leave the tender leaves (large leaf tips) whole.

After three days, the garlic should taste more like pickled cucumber than raw, and the smaller the vegetables are cut, the faster they are pickled. When the brine is fried, the pepper releases its own liquid, creating a brine that bubbles. Add the liquid to a bowl as soon as it comes out of the pepper after grilling and before rest.

Pour the brine over the vegetables to make them completely submerged and cover with a lid. The pink hue is beautifully saturated with brine, so put it in a bowl, whole and covered, for at least three days and up to three weeks.

To get rid of their skin, you can grill the chillies, which also speeds up the process, but I roast them in the oven for a few minutes each side to speed up the process.

This tangy-sour spice is great for anything you would normally serve with chili sauce, but it's a fantastic base for broth or soup. I like to cook with it, So I blitz the cucumber mixture to make dumplings, or serve it when it's ready. Cut onions into thin slices, chop carrots finely, roast sesame seeds and sunflower seeds, fry in a little oil and drizzle with cold-pressed sunflowers, fry onions, mushrooms and chestnuts. It's great with pickles, and I've used it to fill, as well as in soups, stews and even as a side dish with beef jerky.

My mother, for example, presses eggplants to ferment them, and people in Bessarabia ferment and ferment in a brine to make delicious pickles. You can add more salt than you normally do, as beetroot tends to make it very viscous, but you can also find it at the local grocery store to ward it off.

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More About Hercules